A very warm welcome to the website of Saint Clement’s Church, Leigh-on-Sea.
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"It is a place of quiet in a noisy world. It is a refuge for those who need a friend. It is a community church - where people meet and socialise"

Serving the people of Leigh

Welcome to the parish church of Saint Clement, Leigh-on-Sea, also known as Leigh Town Church, Anglo-Catholic in tradition and inclusive in welcome.

A strikingly beautiful church, inside and out, a beacon at the top of the hill in Leigh, Saint Clement’s can be seen from all points of the compass. Conversely, the view out from Saint Clement’s tower stretches for many miles in every direction. Saint Clement’s is unusual in that it joins traditional with contemporary, in the bustling metropolitan town of Leigh but in a romantic ‘chocolate box’ setting.

Like all the ancient parish churches of England Saint Clement’s fulfils many roles. It is a place of worship - built to the glory of God and set aside as a place where God is worshipped and the faith of Christ is taught. It is a visible reminder of the Love of God in the world - an ancient building where the people of Leigh have come to be baptised, to marry and to bury their dead. It is an historic building - embracing within its very stones, windows, plaques, brasses, and adornments the hopes and fears, and the triumphs and tragedies of generation after generation of the people of Leigh. It is a family church - where whole generations of families (both Old and New Leigh) come and keep a connection. It is a place of quiet in a noisy world. It is a refuge for those who need a friend. It is a community church - where people meet and socialise. It is a learning church where people are taught and teach one another in the way of love and tolerance. It is a parish church - with special care for a designated geographical area. It is a Town Church – at the heart of Leigh. It is a catholic church - open to all, offering a place for all. It is a serving church - caring for those in need. It is a civic church - helping the town to mark historic events and keep memories alive. It is the Westminster Abbey of Leigh.

If you live in, or are visiting, Leigh and have found yourself thinking it would be nice to step inside Saint Clement’s, wondering what it’s like inside, please do. Check our events pages and you’ll see that we are open for many hours of every week. If you’d like to double check first, don’t hesitate to call or email our parish office.

With love and prayers,

Churchwardens of Saint Clement's

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